Miami Dade College

Wolfson Campus

image of red keyboard key with the word 'help' written.

Campus Network Services (CNS) installs and manages servers that provide a wide range of support to academic programs and labs, as well as shared resources for campus personnel. In addition, Campus Network Services provides comprehensive desktop support (including the use of desktop configuration security software, and the customization of policies and profiles as needed to protect the desktop, based on academic needs). CNS provides campus-wide instructional support, administrative support, project planning and management, and help desk management. It is also responsible for all software and OS installations (including server-based academic software), printer installation and management, campus-based user accounts, inventory, review and recommendation of requests for new equipment and software, as well as new installations and upgrades. CNS also provides security of campus server and IT resources.

Some of the services we provide include:

  • Desktop Computing Support
  • Instructional Computing Support
  • Administrative Computing Support
  • Project Planning and Management for Computer Related Installations, Repairs and Upgrades
  • New Requests for Software and Hardware
  • New Installations and Upgrades for Software and Hardware
  • Setup of user accounts, Network Access, Email and Liaison with District Computing Services
  • Debugging and Testing of Software
  • Setup and maintenance of computer networks for administrative and academic purposes
  • Help Desk Phone Number: 305-237-3232