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Out-of-State Fee Waiver for Select Florida High School Graduates

Effective July 1, 2014 [applicable for Fall 2014 and thereafter], House Bill 851 [amended section (s.) 1009.26, Florida Statutes (F.S.), fee waivers] authorizes an out-of-state fee waiver for students who attended a high school in Florida who meet the eligibility criteria below:

  • Attended a Florida high school for the last three consecutive years immediately before graduation from a Florida high school
  • Submitted an official high school transcript providing evidence of high school attendance as listed above
  • Submitted an admission application to a Florida College System or State University System institution within 24 months of high school graduation

Please note: Receipt of this out-of-state tuition waiver does NOT constitute classification as a Florida resident for tuition purposes. Students who receive this waiver remain classified as non-Florida residents for tuition purposes and are NOT eligible for state financial aid, including Bright Futures. Residency for tuition purposes must be determined before this waiver is applied (if all criteria above is met).

Students may enroll using the waiver for the number of credit hours that would equal 110 percent of the total number of required college credit or vocational credit hours of the students’ declared degree or certificate program.

Submit a completed out-of-state waiver form with the appropriate documentation prior to the first day of classes for each term for which the out-of-state waiver is sought. Please refer to the MDC Academic Calendar, to determine the first day of classes for upcoming terms.

Please contact the Campus Admissions and Registration Office of your choice for further information and assistance.