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Florida Residency for Select Florida High School Graduates

According to the Florida State Rule 6A-10.044, all students who meet the criteria below may be eligible for Florida residency:

(a) A dependent student who attended a Florida high school for a minimum of two (2) academic years immediately preceding his or her initial enrollment in an institution of higher education and graduated from a Florida high school or earned a State of Florida High School Diploma as authorized under rule 6A-6.0201, F.A.C., within the last twelve (12) months may use their high school transcript or the official transcript for the State of Florida High School Diploma as evidence of Florida residency. At least one (1) additional document identified in section 1009.21(3)(c)1. or 1009.21(3)(c)2., F.S., must be presented evidencing parental legal residence.

Based on the rule above, eligible students regardless of their immigration status, will be using the High School transcript plus an additional document to be classified as Florida residents. The additional document to provide evidence of parental legal residence in the state of Florida could be one of the documents listed in the Florida Residency Checklist.

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