Fire Safety Inspector Preparation Courses for the State Certification Exam

The Fire Safety Inspector Preparation Course Series is a 240-hour series that prepares students to take the Florida State Fire Safety Inspector certification examination for the Florida State Fire Marshal Office.

This series consists of five courses and each course is offered in an 8-week blended format. The courses are offered on weekdays, from 5:00 PM to 9:40 PM and are offered based on demand. Upon successful completion of these courses and the state certification examination, students will be eligible to apply for positions within governmental agencies and private industry as a fire inspector.

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Course No. Course Title
FFP-2120 Building Construction for the Fire Service
FFP-2521 Construction Documents & Plans Review
FFP-1510 Fire & Building Codes
FFP-1540 Private Fire Protection Systems I
FFP-1505 Fire Prevention Practices