Defensive Driving Programs

The School of Justice at Miami Dade College offers a variety of driver improvement and vehicle safety courses. A full-time driving range is staffed by experienced current and retired police officers, including several instructors who have attained a Master Instructor rating from the State of Florida.

Courses include:

  • Driver Improvement – An eight-hour course designed to refresh driving skills.
  • Commercial Fleet Safety Course – A 16-hour course that discusses vehicle dynamic and vehicle safety, followed by 12 hours of driving instructions that includes vehicle handling, emergency evasive techniques and wet-surface handling.
  • Advance Vehicle Operations Course – A 24-hour course that includes advanced vehicle handling techniques and vehicle operations under stress.

We are also able to custom tailor safety courses to meet a wide variety of needs. We currently offer training that would benefit anyone who works out of their vehicle or drives a vehicle as part of their job, including:

  • Government Agencies
  • Code Enforcement
  • Public Safety Aides
  • Private Security Firms
  • Commercial Fleet Operations

Registration Information

Please contact the School of Justice at 305-237-1400