Empowering Change

Changemaker education empowers students by offering opportunities to engage with social and environmental issues and practice creating positive change.

As “Democracy’s College,” We Believe that Everyone can be a Changemaker

Changemaking is rooted in MDC’s history and at the heart of who we are as an educational institution. We were honored to be designated an Ashoka U Changemaker Campus in 2015 with a renewal designation in 2019. This distinction placed us among a group of leading institutions recognized for their efforts in changemaking and education innovation.

A look into what MDC's commitment to changemaker education yields - inspired educators who bring out and support the changemakers in all of our students.

What is MDC’s Changemaking Initiative?

Whether through classes, co-curricular activities, internships, or special events, we take a broad approach at engaging educators and staff in the spirit of changemaking. We encourage and celebrate all sorts of positive change, whether big or small, and offer different ways to get involved in changemaking. MDC’s strategy for changemaker education aims to be accessible and inclusive with a clear call to action.

We support the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals collegewide as they provide rich context that helps our educators connect local issues to global challenges in ways that are clear, structured, and hopeful. As a member of the United Nations Academic Impact initiative, MDC aligns with over 1300 other institutions of higher education in educating on issues, building collaboration, and encouraging creativity in order to design new solutions for critical issues everywhere.

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