There’s No Single Way to be a Changemaker

Being a changemaker depends on what matters to you. Change can be big or small. It can happen in your immediate surroundings or on a much larger scale. All you need to do is find a cause or an issue that inspires you and work to make positive change happen.

What Can I Do?

  • Learn changemaking skills that are valuable for your career
  • Reach out to local organizations and get involved
  • Grow your social network and make your voice heard
  • Build empathy and understanding for yourself and others
  • Make the world a better place and have fun!

Bring Your Best

Here’s a core set of attributes that will help you be an effective changemaker. How do you fare in these areas? Can you nurture these qualities in your everyday life and bring your best self to every situation?


  • What role can silence play in a conversation?
  • How do you handle negative or uncomfortable emotions when they arise?
  • When are you most observant?


  • What surprised you today?
  • When were you at your best today?
  • What actions are you taking today to help you achieve your goals in the future?


  • What difficult events have you dealt with and survived?
  • Do you have skills to help you relax and manage stress?
  • Do you keep your eye on the big picture even in challenging situations?


  • Think about a personal goal – what excites you the most about it?
  • What support do you need to move ahead with it?
  • What steps could you take right now to move you closer to achieving this goal?


Changemaking at MDC takes you beyond the classroom to deepen your learning. There are many different ways to get involved with changemaking here – you just need to start somewhere. Here are some easy ways to begin (or continue!) your changemaking journey:

Students interested in changemaking organizations signing up

Build Your Civic Muscles

Become a Civic Ambassador and help lead important efforts for civic engagement across the College or use our Civic Action Scorecard as a guide to getting more involved in all aspects of our community life

Students that belong to the YES club

Take Climate Action

Work with other students interested in climate action and help our communities become more sustainable by joining the YES! Club on your campus

Group of MDC students


Collaborate with your campus IMPACT team and represent the student voice as a Changemaking Student Ambassador.

Four students posing for a photo for social media

Connect with Other Sharks

Visit the MDC Changemaker Hub and search for “changemaking” opportunities.

Two students looking at the computer screen

Develop Your Ideas

Throughout the year, we will offer various unique opportunities for students to engage with social impact, whether in the form of boot camps, hackathons, or leadership programming. If interested in learning more, please contact Sandra LaFleur at

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Explore Social Impact Internships

Explore internships with a social impact angle through MDC Works, or apply for a paid position with local nonprofits through the Civic Leadership Fellows program.

Group of students sitting at table planning a project

Take Interesting Courses

Register today for ENT 1501: “Fundamentals of Changemaking and Social Innovation” Offered with no prerequisites and open to all majors!

Take courses with faculty who are engaged with changemaking – contact the iCED or EEI team on your campus for more information!

Meet Some Changemakers

>Nelson Rubio

Nelson Rubio
Hialeah Campus

Elcira Morales

Elcira Morales
Homestead Campus

Amanda Ibarra

Amanda Ibarra
Student Ambassador
Kendall Campus

Julissa Rojas

Julissa Rojas
Medical Campus

Emily Schraer

Emily Schraer
Student Ambassador, District
North Campus

Barbara Silvera Ramirez

Barbara Silvera Ramirez
Eduardo J. Padrón

Rafael Moya

Rafael Moya
West Campus

Isabella Cunningham

Isabella Cunningham
Student Ambassador, District
Wolfson Campus

Learn more about previous Changemakers.

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Students Take Action

Visit the Changemaker Hub and jump right in.

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