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The Changemaker Hub is the place to connect with all things Changemaking at MDC! Students can find volunteering and other opportunities and add "impacts" for any changemaking activities. MDC faculty can register their Global Sustainability and Earth Literacy Studies (GSELS) classes on the Hub and also designate if their classes will include the Civic Action Scorecard, Academic Service-Learning, and if any Sustainable Development Goals will be included in their class. MDC students and faculty can connect with over 100 local non-profit community partners through the Hub.

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Changemakers Work to Improve Living Conditions for Everyone and the Planet

You can make the world a better place by learning deeply about issues that matter to you and taking action to create positive change in those areas.

There are many ways to create change: volunteering for service, advocating for policy or systemic change, assisting with critical fundraising, proposing creative and innovative solutions, or running ventures that support social and environmental concerns. Whatever their path of action, changemakers thrive on keeping a positive frame of mind, an entrepreneurial spirit and the determination to work for the benefit of all.


Changemaker Week | September 18th - 24th

In September 2023, we celebrated Changemaker Week, a first-of-its-kind activation experience highlighting MDC's collegewide committment to changemaking. The weeklong conference took place across our eight campuses and throughout neighborhood communities, and engaged close to 4,000 individuals through 82 different events.

The aim of the conference was to raise awareness, engage community, initiate calls to action, offer professional development opportunities and support our Shark community in embracing its changemaker identity. Please visit our photo gallery to see some of the images from that exciting, record-breaking week.

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What Makes You a Changemaker?

Cultivating our MDC attributes will help you serve as a changemaker


The ability to understand another’s perspective and actively develop compassion for their feelings, experiences and needs.


The ability to intentionally engage in planned self-awareness, critically thinking about and evaluating immersive experiences and oneself.


The ability to endure and persevere through challenging experiences, gaining insight and developing personal agency in the process.


The ability to proactively plan and implement activities to enrich oneself, build one’s community, and make the world a better place.

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What We Do

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For Students

Learning for Impact

Being a changemaker is an advantage that you can leverage in your career. Changemakers stand out at work and make a difference in their community.

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For Faculty & Staff

Teaching with Impact

Make the most of your role as a changemaker educator by communicating your personal passion for positive impact and drawing on a variety of changemaking resources.

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For Partners

Community as classroom

As extensions of our classrooms, community partners work with us to develop student changemakers, support their institutional missions, and model impactful collaboration for everyone.

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Changemaking at MDC is a team effort. The Office of Changemaking Education and Social Innovation, is a collaborative hub that brings together three institutes, impact leaders and units from across MDC campuses, and a host of other community partners. Get to know our partners and institutes.

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