Changemaking Student Profile

Axianax Merone

Axianax Merone

Area of Study at MDC: Chemical Engineer

Campus: North

UN SDGs of Interest: 5, 6, 7 and 16.

Essence Words : Learning, empathy, and leadership

What does changemaking mean to you? How do you define what changemaking is to someone who's never heard the term?

Changemaking is the act of being a change in your community; to see an issue and to tackle that issue in creative ways. Be the change that is necessary to make the world a better place. 

Why do you consider yourself a changemaker? What issues are at the center of your changemaking work?

I consider myself a changemaker because of my passions: education, climate change, and human rights as well as voter education. Knowing that my peers were not aware of the importance of voting and how to be part of the change, I, along with some amazing people, started a student led club on campus that focuses on voter education in the hope of getting the younger generation involved.

What would you tell a student who would like to start their journey as a changemaker?

Be open to learning and understanding issues that may not affect your group but also affect others in the world. When you begin this journey, you are on the path to gain proper knowledge in whatever issue is that you are fighting for.