Changemaking Student Profile

Rodrigo Garcia Gomes

Rodrigo Garcia Gomes

Area of Study at MDC: Business Administration

Campus: Wolfson

UN SDGs of Interest: 9, 11, 12

Essence Words : Social entrepreneurship, discover, connect.

What does changemaking mean to you? How do you define what changemaking education is to someone who’s never heard the term?

Changemaking is having the willingness to change something. Changemakers believe and understand that a positive change can start with one person.

Why do you consider yourself a changemaker? What issues are at the center of your changemaking work?

I consider myself a changemaker because I believe that I can impact my community and the world. From that belief, I am able to take action in any proportion towards aspects that I believe need to be changed such as incentivizing sustainable habits, creating social and environmental awareness in the private sector, and establishing a more equitable and creative educational system.

To be a changemaker, it is important to:

Take action.

What would you tell a student who would like to start their journey as a changemaker?

You might not realize that you want to make a positive impact, but there is definitely something that bothers you, that you furiously share in your social media or argue with your friends about. That is how you start your changemaking journey - with your passion. You are empowered with the gift of trying, and any effort, regardless of the size, can impact the world.