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MDC Online

MDC Online has provided award winning online credit courses to students since 1999. The online courses and programs offered by MDC Online are an excellent alternative to classroom-based instruction for the students of Miami Dade College. We take pride in a diverse community of engaged, mature students.

Our online courses use a learning management system (LMS) called Blackboard Learn and the internet to deliver instruction and to support class work. Our courses use the latest interactive technology, and provide forums for group study and support. While online courses do not require time on campus, the courses are equivalent to face-to-face courses, meeting the same competencies and learning outcomes. Students can take one course or pursue an entire two-year or four-year degree through MDC Online. MDC Online’s course offerings and degree programs allow you to maintain your personal and career schedule while earning the same regionally accredited degree that a student at our MDC campuses are awarded.

At MDC Online, a staff of technical and functional professionals supports the development of new online courses, the teaching of existing online courses, the students in online courses, and the technology used in these courses.

Online Program Standards

MDC Online takes special pride in subscribing to the following best practice distance learning tenants as prescribed in the following publications:

Our Awards

MDC Online Awards and Recognitions
Year Association Award
2016 Instructional Technology Council (ITC) Excellence in eLearning: Outstanding Fully-Online Course
2015 Instructional Technology Council (ITC) Outstanding eLearning Faculty
2015 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Best Practices Silver Award for Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching
2014 Instructional Technology Council (ITC) Outstanding Fully-Online Course
2014 Quality Matters (QM) 1st Virtual College course that is QM Recognized
2013 United States Distance Learning Association (USDLA) Best Practices Gold Award for Excellence in Distance Learning Teaching
2013 Blackboard Inc. Blackboard Catalyst Award – Exemplary Course

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