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All Miami Dade College students must abide by the policies, procedures and guidelines as outlined in The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Students enrolled at MDC exclusively in the off-campus or distance learning programs shall abide by all applicable policies and procedures.

The handbook provides students with the basic information they need to know. Students may find these College Policies and Procedures helpful in understanding the College processes which impact their experience at MDC. It should be used as a tool in reviewing the actual College policies and procedures cited in each section. Please note that these are subject to change as circumstances may require.

Students may refer to The Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook for information that includes, but is not limited to the following items –

Inquiries / Concerns

Miami Dade College's MDC Online Department desires to resolve any concerns in a timely and fair manner by taking the appropriate actions to best serve students. The Virtual College receives feedback, inquiries, and other concerns from students by email, phone or in person. Those who wish to submit comments or report any issues may contact the Student Support Center by calling 305-237-3800 or by emailing Out of State students may contact their residing state through the Student Information by State and Agency page.